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Cottbus Trailer 2013

Produced by Ulrike Schirmer for the Filmuniversity 'Konrad Wolf' Postdam Babelsberg

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PremiereDistributed with over forty 35mm copies to cinemas all over North-Eastern Germany
Production CompanyFilmuniversity 'Konrad Wolf' Potsdam-Babelsberg
ProducerUlrike Schirmer
Length45 Seconds
FormatDCP and 35mm
SoundDolby Surround 5.1

This advertisement has been produced as a festival trailer for the Cottbus Festival of Eastern European Cinema which has had it‘s annual focus in 2013 on the image of Roma and Sinti people in European Cinema.

As a concept to visualize the development of image and cinematographical techniques over the more than hundred years that cinema now exists, the clip has been shot with a mix of 35mm film negative in one of the first film cameras ever developed by the russian camera manufacturer LOMO and on digital high-speed material on one of the contemporarily most frequently used cameras, the ARRI Alexa.


Daniel Carsenty

SUNBIRD AWARD & Invitation to Documentary Competion

So, so, so excited to announce that my film 'The Devil's Drivers' won the Sunbird Award. And we are invited to the Documentary Competition, but I'm not allowed to say where, only that's gonna happen in April:)