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Cottbus Trailer 2013

Produced by Ulrike Schirmer for the Filmuniversity 'Konrad Wolf' Postdam Babelsberg

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PremiereDistributed with over forty 35mm copies to cinemas all over North-Eastern Germany
Production CompanyFilmuniversity 'Konrad Wolf' Potsdam-Babelsberg
ProducerUlrike Schirmer
Length45 Seconds
FormatDCP and 35mm
SoundDolby Surround 5.1

This advertisement has been produced as a festival trailer for the Cottbus Festival of Eastern European Cinema which has had it‘s annual focus in 2013 on the image of Roma and Sinti people in European Cinema.

As a concept to visualize the development of image and cinematographical techniques over the more than hundred years that cinema now exists, the clip has been shot with a mix of 35mm film negative in one of the first film cameras ever developed by the russian camera manufacturer LOMO and on digital high-speed material on one of the contemporarily most frequently used cameras, the ARRI Alexa.


Daniel Carsenty

Post-production finished and new documentary in the making

I am very excited to announce that the post-production of a short based on a story by Stephen Kind has been finished. And the production of a new documentary started. I'm not allowed to say about what the film is, but hopefully soon I'll be able to post more.