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Shared Vessel

Produced by Katerina Hoyo-Frederickson for the American Film Institute

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Production CompanyAmerican Film Institute
ProducerKaterina Hoyo-Frederickson
Length12 Minutes
GenreHorror Comedy
SoundDolby Digital 5.1

Cher, 15, hates her parents and has a huge crush on Gabriel. In order to make him leave his girlfriend, she summons a ghost from a long forgotten era. However, the ghost Winifred has a diferent take on the priorities of life; and has plans of her own.


Daniel Carsenty

SUNBIRD AWARD & Invitation to Documentary Competion

So, so, so excited to announce that my film 'The Devil's Drivers' won the Sunbird Award. And we are invited to the Documentary Competition, but I'm not allowed to say where, only that's gonna happen in April:)