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After Spring Comes Fall

Produced by Ulrike Schirmer for the Filmuniversity 'Konrad Wolf' Postdam Babelsberg

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PremiereHofer Filmtage 2015
Production CompanyFilm University 'Konrad Wolf' Babelsberg
ProducerUlrike Dorothea Schirmer
Length92 Minutes
LanguagesGerman, English, Arabic
SubtitlesEnglish, German
SoundDolby Digital 5.1

Mina, a young Kurdish woman, flees from Syria after her neighborhood was attacked by the military and her husband was seriously injured.

Having arrived in Berlin, she begins to build up a new life in illegality. She regularly sends money to her family to finance the medical treatment of her husband. The Syrian security service tracks her money transfers and finally discovers Mina; through intimidation and extortion, she is forced to work as informant.

By and by, Mina gains the trust of the Syrian oppositionists and uses this to pass on information about the Syrian opposition to their commanding officers.

A dark and fascinating film picturing the life of Kurdish refugees in Germany, marked by betrayal, collaboration and violence.

• 39th Mostra in Sao Paulo 2015
• GIFF Göteburg 2016
• Camerimage - International Film Festival / Cinematographers' Debut Competition 2015 achtung berlin 2016,
• Jaffna International Cinema Festival 2016
• Braunschweig International Film Festival 2015
• Berlin & Beyond Film Festival San Francisco 2016
• German Filmweek Libanon 2016
• Goethe Films Toronto 2016
• Festival des deutschen Films in Brno 2016
• Festival des deutschen Films in Sydney 2016


Best feature film at the Vilmos Sigmond Festival in Szeged

Best Production at the Achtung Berlin Festival 2016

Best Cinematography 'Michael Ball-Award' at the First Steps Award 2015

Daniel Carsenty


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