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Produced by Yichen Ma for the American Film Institute

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WriterMatthew Legaretta
Production CompanyAmerican Film Institute
ProducerYichen Ma
Length14 Minutes
GenreHorror Comedy
SoundDolby Digital 5.1

Sam is fat, he just can't stop eating. Noviate, a new weight loss initiative offers him the possibility of a whole new body. Once transferred, he finds his new vessel in a meticulous shape, but his mind continues to crave. Only now he longs for human flesh.


Daniel Carsenty

Post-production finished and new documentary in the making

I am very excited to announce that the post-production of a short based on a story by Stephen Kind has been finished. And the production of a new documentary started. I'm not allowed to say about what the film is, but hopefully soon I'll be able to post more.